Top 5 Books to Read For self-growth

In this blog, talking about top 5 recommended books that will help to grow in life. Books for financial freedom, which are written by experts and are bestseller. Books for a good relation with friends and other people. To grow the potential of brain through the help of Brain coach. And Books  also for digital marketing  is recommended.

If You are suffering from financial problems or having a debt then to overcome those problems you should take advice from Robert T. Kiyosaki through his book Rich Dad Poor Dad. This book of Robert is a great books to learn personal finance. In this books Robert talked about how to grow rich in life. After reading this book most of the financial problems will be solved.

If you are an introvert person or a shy person. But interested in making friends then you should read this book written by Dale Carnegie. In which he mention all Practical techniques and human behaviour which help you to compel a person to like you and be your friend.

This book is written by Jim kwik. He is a Brain coach and trained many CEOs to achieve the highest level of their potential. If you also want to improve your focus, memory and enhance your reading skill the must read this book by Jim Kwik.

This is the books by Morgan Housel. In this book Morgan talked about thoughts towards the money. If you are interested in being good at managing your money then must read this great book. Not too lenghty book and in very simple words to understand. Anyone can complete it within a week.

This is the great book for those who are interested in Digital marketing. The three acknowledged experts in SEO mention their techniques that will help you to execute SEO strategy.