How Reading Helps?

Ever you tried to read a book but never completed it? Maybe your brain thought that reading is so boring or something. And whenever you start reading you feel sleepy and stop reading. Many people avoid reading and instead of reading they prefer watching educational videos, listen to podcasts for new learnings. Yes, watching videos, listening to podcasts are great way of learning but you can’t make learning a dynamic part of your life without a dedicated habit of reading.

Reading is a Mental Exercise

The first question comes in mind ” Why reading is so important?” Like Physical exercise is very important for the body, reading is very important for the brain. You can say Reading is a mental exercise. But How? When you read , you are using your various function at once which is a rewarding workout. As Dr. Ken Pugh, President and Director of research at Haskins Laboratories, points out, ” Parts of the brain that have evolved for other functions – such as vision, language, and associative learnings – connect in a specific neural circuit for reading, which is very challenging. A sentence is shorthand for a lot of information that must be inferred by the brain.” In simple words, reading is a mental exercise. The Brain muscle gets stronger when you challenge it.


Improves Memory and Vocabulary

Imagine, you lost your memory. Everything you know has gone. You don’t remember a single word. What would you do? You have to start from zero. As we know that reading is a mental exercise and one of its benefits is that it helps improve memory. As we take part in activities such as Reading, Writing, has a great impact on our mental health. Never Underestimate the Power of Reading. Reading slows down memory decline in Old age. All learnings depend upon memory. And the better you can remember the better you can learn new things. The knowledge will Compound.

The more you read, the more you are exposed to expand the range of language. Which unleash variety of context to learn. A good Vocabulary lets you write better and can have a great communication skill.


Improves Focus and Understanding

What happen when you watch Youtube videos or scroll social media? There you find variety which don’t let you focus in one thing. You keep distracted. But when you sit down for reading and spend dedicated time in reading a book. What is happening here? You are training your brain to focus on one thing. By regularly training your brain to focus on one thing your focus will increase exponentially.

When reading become your habit, you can read anything with great focus. You can understand things faster and remember them. Reading is a tool of learning. You can download decades of knowledge from one book. Which make it easier to think creatively. You can Understand the world and yourself through your point of view.

Recommended Books to Enhance Reading Skill